Chairman - Dr. K. V. Kupusamy

He has proved himself as a great administrator in the Educational arena by establishing about 45 reputed educational institutions dotted all over Tamilnadu.


Trustee - Mr.K.Senthil Ganesh

An Enlightening edupreneur with passion for effective Innovations And Eternal Quality Sustenance.


Academic Team

Sl.No. Name Designation
1. Mr.Vijayanand.U Professor & Director
2. Mr.Renganathan.R Associate Professor & HOD
3. Mrs.Roshni.K.V Associate Professor(Senior Grade)
4. Mr.Mahesh Yoganand.S Professor
5. Mrs.Venkatalakshmi.V Associate Professor
6. Mr.Sivaraj.S Assistant Professor(Senior Grade)
7. Mrs.Sudha.R.K Assistant Professor(Senior Grade)
8. Mr.Rajagopalan Kumaraguru Assistant Professor(Senior Grade)
9. Mrs.Divya.M Assistant Professor(Senior Grade)
10. Mrs.Prasanya.D Assistant Professor(Senior Grade)
11. Mr.Kaamesh.R Assistant Professor
12. Ms.Vinodhini.V Assistant Professor
13. Ms.Padma priya.B Assistant Professor
14. Mr.Deepak.X Assistant Professor
15. Mr.Vigneswaran.A Assistant Professor
16. Mr.Mangala Mahanthan.J Assistant Professor